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Our Vision
in it's simplest form is this ...


Be the Solution.

That is the individual and corporate choice we as a company and community are daily choosing to make.

As Mentioned on our Homepage:

We believe that if we as a company, as a community, as a nation, and as a people want to impact our world for good ... we have some choices to make.

   "We are Either going to be a part of the problem
or a part of the solution..."

Water2HEAL.US is dedicated to being the solution.

From our perspective, we see enormous oppression throughout the earth. And we believe we are in a unique position in history (unique in time and place) to do much that can relieve that oppression. We must start with our own personal choices, and then do what we can to provide Educated Choices to those around us, as well as resources to those around the world (Check out our well drilling projects).

Here in the Unitied States ... Many of the freedoms that our forefathers fought to protect are rapidly evaporating.

Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Medicine. Freedom of Food Choice (See Video at the bottom of the page), Freedom of Information. The Freedom to Grow what we want, and to eat what we want, and to share what we want are all being threatened. (See Videos on FDA Raids)

Various corporate entities are making a multitude of decisions behind closed doors that radically affect your life. Some are subtle, many are not so subtle. These decisions affect our water (fluoride...), our land (pesticides...), our food (GMO...), and more. There are 1,000's of additives (Aspartame...) and preservatives (  ) and hormone's in our food and water supply that affect our health and our ability to live a quality life on a daily basis. Many of these decisions have been made for the most part, without our being aware of them. But we have to pay the consequences.

We obviously cannot address (and fix) all these issues in one website, but we can begin to open the door and provide some small pieces of information that will help us become aware of what is going on behind closed doors and learn what we can do to protect ourselves in the midst of these trying times. "He will not let you be tested beyond what you are able to  endure ... but will provide a way of escape."

This website will deal primarily with the issue of high quality healing water and it's ability to provide a healing environment inside the body (alkaline water) and outside of our body (acidic water) ... hence the name Water2HEAL.US.

We hope to provide a number of reliable and proven solutions that you can implement right away that will contribute to your continual and progressive healing.

We begin the healing process by addressing the quality of water that you drink because it is one of the most important and most accessible and immediate elements that we can address that will bring the greatest benefit to any body willing to enjoy it's benefits. Many people experience major benefits within the first two weeks, some within the first day.


get a drink


Imagine Protecting Medical Rights
in Your State

(Below is a must see video)


It is not beyond the realm of possibility to Help Our Doctors protect their right to practice medical treatments that are humane, safe, and effective, and according to their conscience. The above is a must see video that will inspire others to follow the State of Alaska's Lead. May you see this happen in your state in your life time.

The time is now to start organizing and building a consensus on what is right and to fight for that right in our own local and state organizations.


Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore

Capatalism is not the enemy,
Corporatism is the enemy ...
Let's put the blame where it belongs,
And let's address the problems at their root.


Fda Raid on All Natural Milk

Watch an armed Raid coordinating 5 governmental agencies, upon an all natural farm, and an all natural store, providing milk that buyers want to drink.



The Fluoride Deception

Be prepared to be informed, alarmed, and angry all in the same moment.




Visit Resources to Overcome Disease:...Diabetes  Cancer  Arthritis  Obesity Migraines  Asthma  Allergies  Heart  Liver  Kidney ... and Enjoy Life




The information presented in this website is based on research, individual experience, many studies, seminars, books, and internet publications.

This website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use or the discontinuance of any medication as a form of treatment without the advice of an attending physician. The intent of this website is only to offer information on the importance of drinking healthy life giving water for our natural well-being.

This website also reports on and seeks to help inform the public of the damaging effects of chronic long term dehydration to the body—from childhood to old age. It also reports on the many negative health symptoms associated with an unhealthy pH balance.

This website also attempts to inform the public about aggressive trends being promoted by Big Pharma to drug children and adults, for disorders, diseases, mental states of mind and various other occasions with the outcome of causing them to become life long consumers of toxic drugs.

Water2HEAL.US desire to warn its readers about the damages that can result. We hope to educate as many people as possible about the real root causes of their physical symptoms and how to seek all natural, non-toxic, safe and effective, alternative solutions to address their symptoms from a more wholistic approach. The website aims at teaching prevention and how to avoid disastrous health consequences in the future.

This website is not intended as a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician. On the contrary, we hope that every physician would become thoroughly trained and skilled in treating acidic conditions and dehydration issues with all natural remedies, non toxifying and non-acidifying treatments. We hope more and more physicians will take the high road, and not prescribe a drug when the health condition is clearly being caused by dehydration and/or acidification of the body. We ourselves have seen lifelong illnesses transformed by these simple principles, and "cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard."

Please note:  Application of any information or recommendations described herein are undertaken at the individual's own risk. Very sick persons with past history of major diseases and under professional supervision, particularly those with severe renal disease, should not make use of the information contained herein without the supervision of their attending physician.

We are not licensed health care professionals and are not qualified to medically diagnose or treat disease. We are allowed under the freedom of information act to share responsibly on an educational level the research and information that might just be helpful to you. But we cannot recommend any course of medical action for your individual situation.  

All recommendations and procedures herein contained are made without guarantee on the part of this website, or their agents, or employees, or volunteers. Water2HEAL.US disclaims all liability in connection with the use of the information presented herein.

Certain parts of this website are accessible only by becoming a member of OUR private community/club. This is for the express purpose of protecting our first amendment rights under the constitution. Many of our rights are rapidly evaporating concerning freedom of speech as it pertains to the health care profession. Due to many powerfully aligned political and financial self interest groups many natural, safe, and effective medical procedures have been unjustly outlawed by the FDA, under the express direction of the AMA (the most powerful teamsters union in the world). Many crimes have been committed against many law abiding, upstanding, and conscientious all natural vitamin & mineral based companies, treatments, doctors and their families. (See video below to get a small picture of what is happening all across our country). Many doctors, nurses, clinics, herbalists have been illegally intimidated, harassed and even imprisoned. They have had their homes and offices raided and have have their private & company equipment and food confiscated at gun point without legal warrants or due process of the law. Many top doctors and scientists, leaders in their field of expertise, have been forced to close their doors because they refused to practice procedures that their own consciences would not allow.


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