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Alkaline pH Drops for Drinking Water
Your body functions better when its alkaline pH balanced and this is half the battle. Stress and a diet of fried foods, carbohydrates and red meat do not help promote proper pH balance in your body. This is exactly why you need alkaline drops for your drinking water. It will help your body win the [...]

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Help! I’m Diagnosed with Acidosis, How Do I Alkalize My Body?
I just had a great conversation with Connie, a sales rep for a Search Optimization Company. The reason for her call was to help our Health Alkaline website with its SEO efforts. However that’s not the first thing she mentioned. Immediately when I answered the call, she started asking questions about alkaline water. “How do [...]
Does Stomach Acid Neutralize Alkaline Water?
A facebook friend asked a question on our health alkaline fanpage: “I am curious about how alkaline water avoids getting neutralized by the stomach acid? I understand that fluoride is bad, but why alkaline water? Isn’t that like adding baking soda to water? Or alka seltzer?” Some of you may have the same question. Here’s [...]
Gout Killing Formula

My Gout Kill Formula – Changing Your Body pH
If you are having a gout attack then you want to know what to do right now so I’m going to get right to the point. Gout hurts and you need to take emergency action. My first attack was in 2002 and I have been researching gout causes every since. The sooner you act the [...]
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Dehydration, Thirst and Health
Everybody knows not drinking enough water can cause dehydration. However, what some don’t know is that many illnesses and diseases can also trigger acute dehydration due to the increased body temperature and sweating that usually occur. Which is why drinking plenty of fluids good for you when you’re fighting sickness. Your body uses fluids to [...]
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Body Alkalinity Can Fight or Prevent Cancer Cells
An interview with Dr Leonard Coldwell on the importance of Alkaline and Body pH. Dr. Leonard Coldwell proclaimed that any type of cancer can be cured within 2 to 16 weeks. Cancer, he said, won’t grow in a body that is slightly alkaline, and products like Alkaline Super Green can make the body less acidic. [...]
Dr. Robert Young on Alkaline Foods and Water
This is an interview with Dr. Robert Young. He is a medical microbiologist at the forefront of research on the effects of the acid/alkaline balance in the human body. He is also the author of the book: The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health. How would you describe a healthy person? Very simply, [...]
Understanding Body Acid and Alkaline Balance
Over acidity, which can become a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems, is very common today. It gives rise to an internal environment conducive to disease, as opposed to a pH-balanced environment which allows normal body function necessary for the body to resist disease. A healthy body maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet emergency [...]
Alkaline Foods
Model Miranda Kerr Alkaline Food Diet
Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr who gave birth to Flynn, her first child with husband Orlando Bloom, in January – explained in addition to sticking to an eating plan specially devised for blood type A, she also supplements her diet to ensure her body receives maximum nutrition. The 27-year-old beauty said: “I am a blood [...]
Eating Alkaline Food is Better for You, Says Dietitian.
Personal trainer and licensed Bahamian dietitian Renecia Bain recently told the Freeport News that foods rich in alkaline can be good for stabilizing one’s blood sugar and pressure. In The Bahamas, the number one health problem is hypertension followed by different forms of cancer and type two diabetes, which is lifestyle related. The dietitian offered [...]

Our Drinking Waters
Answering Critics of Alkaline Water Ionizers
Alkaline water is a popular search phrase in Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you search the phrase you can’t help but notice the critics of alkaline water who discredit ionized water with little or no research of their own.’s nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. answered a question on that website, “Is alkaline water better [...]

Scientist Ray Kurzweil Answers Alkaline Water Questions
Ray Kurzweil is a world renown scientist who was curious enough to do research on the amazing benefits of alkaline water. He confirms everything says about ionized water. Read more about Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil drinks 10 glasses of Alkaline Water a day and believes it will help him live a long and healthy life. [...]
Water As A Gift of Life
Clean water is absolutely vital. We are learning so much today about our tap and bottled water. While it’s not the best it can be, the United States of America probably has the best municipal water people can drink. It is not so in other parts of the world, like Haiti and Africa. Every day [...]
Actor Matt Damon’s Cause for Clean Drinking Water
Water is fundamental. I believe that everyone in the world should have access to free clean water. Matt Damon and are doing just that, educating and providing clean drinking water to impoverished areas of the globe. traces its roots back to the founding of WaterPartners in 1990. In July of that year, WaterPartners [...]
Fast Food Restaurant in Michigan Sells Alkaline Water
You may call it healing water, living water, or health water but the employees at Jaws Jumbo Burgers in Farmington Hills, Michigan are calling alkaline ionized water, “Miracle Water”. Employees at Jaws Jumbo Burgers had gotten used to working around their co-worker Tenera who suffered from Crohn’s Disease. During certain flare-ups they were used to [...]
How Professional Athletes Benefit from Alkaline Water
By Dr. Robert Burns, PhD / Dr. Susan Lark, MD Competitive, elite athletes and sports trainers know that subtle changes in pH can have profound effects on the overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, ability to train and athletic performance. Muscles work best in a narrow range of Ph. At rest, [...]
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Southern California’s Carbonated Alkaline Water
There must be something in the water. Alkalized water is becoming popular in North America. From bottled alkaline water to counter-top water ionizer filters Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of this natural water. The following is an excerpt from an interesting story in the Vancouver Sun SAN DIEGO – There must be [...]
What’s in Your City Drinking Water? Best and Worst Drinking Water
National Tap Water Quality Database includes water quality tests conducted by 47,667 utilities nationwide from 2004 to 2009. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) obtained the water quality testing data from state health and environmental departments that compile the records from drinking water utilities or associated laboratories. Most state water offices maintain a current record of [...]
Over 300 Pollutants in U.S. Tap Water
Since 2004, testing by water utilities has found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) drinking water quality analysis of almost 20 million records obtained from state water officials. More than half of the chemicals detected are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally [...]
Amazing Health Benefits of Alkaline Water
For most of us, how to reach our very best level of health is a bit of a mystery. We can manage to eat right, exercise regularly, even take expensive supplements, and still lack that sense of vitality that should come with good health. Some of us struggle with enormous health challenges such as allergies, [...]
Natural Alkaline Water Streams Discovered in Ecuador
All natural streams of alkaline water discovered in the mountains of Ecuador, South America. Amazing video reveals the longevity of these Ecuadorians who live to over 100 years or more. Journey with Dr. Ben Johnson into the Andes mountains of South Ecuador. You’ll meet some “elders” who are living the simple secrets of health and [...]
Water As God Intended It To Be: Alkaline
Water plays a big role in the Word of God. It represents life. In many episodes water starred as a miraculous substance in peoples lives. Take Naaman for instance, who suffered from severe leprosy in his skin. He petitioned the Prophet Elisha who advised him to go wash seven times in the river Jordan. Naaman [...]
Water fun facts
Fun Facts About Water
So you think you know everything about water and how it relates to your body and health? Check out these fun facts and start sipping water smarter! Most people tend to drink more water in the hot summer months, but cold weather can dehydrate too. So, always keep that water bottle handy. Drink water before [...]
Should You Trust the Bottled Water Name Brands?
They think so. There ads present the image of pure and clean drinking water, guaranteed to quench your thirst. Consumers pay well over 1,900 times more for bottled water than tap water. The bottled water maker’s thirst for cash is satisfied, they leave the consumer, however, dehydrated. Do you know what’s in your favorite brand [...]
Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration...Most Popular, but produce an Acidic Water
Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is by far the most popular water treatment technology in use around the world today. R/O utilizes a technology called nano-filtration (typically .009 micron) to physically filter and remove virtually all suspended and dissolved material in water. The quality of R/O membranes vary but typically between 90% and 98% of all suspended [...]
Alkaline Water
If you really knew what was in your water, you wouldn’t be drinking it.


If you really knew what was in your water, you wouldn’t be drinking it.
STOP drinking tap water and bottled spring water. What you're drinking is contaminated!
Yes, that’s right we are all drinking dirty water. Let’s call tap water, bottled spring water and even filtered water what they really are — dirty water.
Most municipalities send out a yearly report to citizens of what’s in the city water, however some don’t bother to even read exactly what they put into their bodies every day.
If you knew there was chlorine in your water, would you drink it. Some would still answer yes. They think, it doesn’t matter because the amount of it is minuscule. OK, but that’s only one glass of water. Now drink it every day for the rest of your life. Are you willing to pay the price for the long term health risks. Chlorine however, is not the only harmful chemical in your water.

An investigation done by the Associated Press (AP) shows drinking water for 41 Million people across the nation has found antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones in the Save Water Main municipal water supply.

At least one pharmaceutical has been detected in the water supply of 24 major metropolitan area’s according to the AP.

The Dirty Water States and Cities are:

Pennsylvania had 56 pharmaceuticals found in their drinking water.  Read the CNN report. If your city is on the list you are at risk.