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How to make MMS
(Most accurate method by weight. Simpler Method below ... for those who do not have accurate scales)


Table of Contents



MMS is actually a 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution

The 28% MMS Formula is in fact a 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution. 

This is due to the fact that 28% of the total solution is Sodium Chlorite Powder

by weight.  The original Formula was created using 80% sodium chlorite powder.

When 80% Sodium Chlorite powder is used to make the MMS, the resulting 

amount of actual sodium chlorite in the solution  is 22.4%. The water weight

is 72%, and the remaining  5.6% is mostly common salt,  (used as a stabilizer),

and small amounts of other stabilizers and inert ingredients.

Therefore when one makes MMS, the actual goal is 22.4% Sodium Chlorite by 

weight in solution.



Variance between batches often occurs in the case of home made

sodium chlorite solutions and many sites that sell it. There are two primary reasons 

for this:

In many cases the manufacturer of the MMS does not have a certificate of analysis

on their raw sodium chlorite powder or flake. The fact is in most cases  80%

Sodium Chlorite is usually higher than 80%, by as much as a few percent. 

Each percentage point is 10,000 parts per million which is pretty substantial. 

The other reason is poor math skills, or misinformation from another source.


Preparation and Mixing

Make sure your work area is clean, and clear. You should have your scales, 

bowls ,and utensils cleaned and rinsed with distilled water. Leave the Sodium 

Chlorite powder sealed until you weigh it, and seal it back up as soon as you 

are done. Weigh your water according to the chart below for the amount 

you want.  The water may be warmed to 110 degrees for easier solubility, 

but room temperature is fine.

After weighing the water add it to your bowl or mixing vessel. 

Weigh out your Sodium Chlorite Powder. After you have the right weight, 

close the lid on the Sodium Chlorite Powder that is left to avoid contamination, 

and light exposure. Slowly add the sodium chlorite powder to the water, stir until 

completely dissolved. The mixture may appear cloudy at first, this is normal, and it 

should clear up, by the time it is all dissolved. Your final solution should be clear.

Cover the MMS solution and place in a dark place, allow it to sit for at least 6 hours.

You will see some sediment at the bottom in most cases, this is normal. There may

also be an oily film on the top, depending on the inert ingredients in the Sodium



We want to skim the film off as best we can, and then draw, or pour off the MMS 

without getting sediment. At this point, it is ready to filter.

Filtering is an optional step, if the instructions above are followed, the MMS is ready

for use. For the manufacturer, filtering provides a stable solution that will not

precipitate sediment with shelf time.

While any sediment that forms can be re-dissolved without issue, it can generate 

calls from concerned customers, wasting time and resources. A  1 micron screen  

system with made non organic materials is perfect, and will stop most sediment 

issues. DO NOT USE WHITE COFFE FILTERS. Many contain acid, and can actually 

degrade the MMS over time.



Sodium Chlorite Powder should be stored in a cool place, without temperature 

extremes. Kept properly, it has a shelf life of 20 years or more.  MMS has other

concerns. The standard packaging for MMS is 4oz PET bottles, usually blue or green.  

This packaging is ok, but for long term bulk storage, I would recommend HDPE

or Amber Glass Bottles.

MMS should be kept in a dark cupboard or storage site, until it is ready for use.
 Exposure to sunlight should be avoided, as well as temperature extremes.  
The shelf life if properly stored should is at least 5 years

(MMS, 28% Solution)

There will be some loss due to removing any sediment.

Instructions, weights and measures apply to 80% Technical Grade Sodium Chlorite Powder

and Flakes.



                          METRIC MEASUREMENTS

                                Ingredients                                       Resulting Solution

Sodium Chlorite

Distilled Water

 (by weight)

(by volume)

42.7 grams

109.8 grams

152.5 grams

125 ml

85.4 grams

219.6 grams

305  grams

250 ml

170.8 grams

439.2 grams

610 grams

500 ml

341.6 grams

878.4 grams

1220 grams

1 liter



                         STANDARD ENGLISH MEASUREMENTS

                               Ingredients                                           Resulting Solution

Sodium Chlorite

Distilled Water

 (by weight)

(by volume)

1.51 ounces

3.87 ounces

5.38 ounces

4.23 fl oz

3.02 ounces

7.74 ounces

10.76 ounces

8. 45 fl oz

6.04 ounces

15.48 ounces

21.52 ounces

16.90 fl oz

12.08 ounces

30.96 ounces

43.04 ounces

33.8 fl oz



Sodium Chlorite Powder - 1 pound net wt


High Quality 80% Sodium Chlorite Powder
Contains No Heavy Metals

1 pound (16 oz)  HDPE Container
  • Model: 503
  • Manufactured by: Aragonesas y Industrias

USP Quality Citric Acid - 1 pound net wt.

USP Quality Citric Acid - 1 pound net wt.

USP Quality Citric Acid Fine Grind, Dissolves Easily. Citric Acid  1 pound net wt.



Two Alternatives to Making MMS by weight

Information below is taken from: http://mms-articles.com

Make MMS using 4 TSP of Sodium Chlorite Powder 

How to Never Run Out of MMS:
Prepare Your Own MMS Bottles Using Dry Sodium Chlorite Powder.

 Where to buy Sodium Chlorite Powder/Flakes

To Prepare One Small Four Ounce Bottle of 28% MMS Solution (Recommended):

Step 1: In a small bowl (non-metalic: i.e., glass or plastic) place 4 level tablespoons of sodium chlorite powder.

Step 2: Add 3 ounces of distilled warm water (max temperature - 150 degrees Farenheit ...room temperature works fine)

Step 3: Stir with a non-metalic spoon and cover for darkness. Let the solution sit for 3 hours. Expect some some settlings to fall to the bottom.

Step 4: Pour slowly into a dark 4 or 6 ounce bottle for storage and future use. Leave settlings in the bowl - discard them.


  1. Making 10% citric acid water:
  • Make a separate bottle of citric acid water, by adding 1 part citric acid powder to 9 parts water, preferably distilled.


  1. Making 50% citric acid water:
  • Make a separate bottle of citric acid water, by adding 5 part citric acid powder to 9 parts water, preferably distilled.


Making a 50% Citric Acid Solution

A 50% citric acid solution is a a solution which contains 50% Citric Acid by weight.

Preparation and Mixing

Make sure your work area is clean, and clear. You should have your scales, 

bowls ,and utensils cleaned and rinsed with distilled water.

Weigh your water according to the chart below for the amount 

you want.  The water may be warmed to 110 degrees for easier solubility, 

but room temperature is fine.

After weighing the water add it to your bowl or mixing vessel. 

Weigh out your Citric Acid Crystals. After you have the right weight, 

close the lid on the container with your remaining citric acid, to avoid contamination.

Slowly add the Citric Acid crystals to the water, stir until 

completely dissolved. The mixture should be clear after all the citric acid has dissolved.

Filtering is not necessary as long as you use clean vessels and utensils, and high grade of citric acid.



Citric Acid solution should be stored in a cool place, without temperature 

extremes. Kept properly, it has a shelf life of 2 years or more.      

The Citric Acid solution should be kept in a dark cupboard or storage site, until it is ready for use.
 Exposure to sunlight should be avoided, as well as temperature extremes.  


Instructions, weights and measures apply to

Anhydrous Citric Acid



 Ingredients                                          Resulting Solution

Citric Acid
Distilled Water  (by weight) (by volume)
2.75 oz nt wt
2.75 oz
5.5 oz net wt
4.0 fl.oz
5.5 oz net wt
5.5 oz
10 oz net wt 8 fl. oz
11 oz net wt
11 oz
22 oz net wt
16 fl oz
1 pound
16 oz
32 oz net wt
23 fl ounces


"How long can the green MMS bottles be stored without deterioration?"  
Once again a bill before the US Congress threatens to control and stop the sale of vitamins and nutritional supplements in the US and elsewhere by prohibiting shipments. MMS users have inquired, asking about ideas for storing MMS - even 10 or 20 years into the future. If Congress passes the current bill, it will stop the shipment of nearly all supplements across state and national borders. Supplements will require licensing and government approvals if they are to be offered for sale legally. So the question arises - "How long can the dark green MMS bottles be stored without deterioration?"

Jim Humble has MMS bottles that he prepared four years ago. They have been stored on a dark cupboard shelf. Those are the oldest MMS bottles that we know of and they produce ClO2 gas just as they should when activated with citric acid or fresh lemon juice. We know also that if the bottles had been refrigerated, they would last at least twice longer given the chemistry involved. The breakdown of the Sodium Chlorite in the bottled solution is radically slower at 40 degrees Farenheit than at 70 or 80 degrees Farenheit. So a standard bottle of MMS is estimated to have at least an eight year life if it is kept cool in its darkened container bottle.

Some people, however, want assurance that they will NEVER run out of MMS regardless of future government actions. To meet that goal you probably ought to buy Sodium Chlorite powder and store it or freeze it.. The powder can be refrigerated or frozen indefinitely - ready for use even 30 or 40 years from now. Stan Nowak's web site at http://MiracleMineralSupplement.ca/products.html offers a variety of dry Sodium Chlorite packages. Click the link to visit his site and see the options and pricing. You can also order by phone at (403) 652-1655 in Canada.

In the event that you purchase sodium chlorite powder, you should prepare to follow these mixing instructions and to work in sanitary conditions.

Make MMS using 1 lb. of Sodium Chlorite Powder

To Convert the Full One Pound Package into 57 Ounces of 28% MMS Solution for Long Term Liquid Storage:

Step 1: Fill a non-metalic large bowl with 40 ounces of warm distilled water (100 to 150 F).

Step 2: While sprinkling in the entire contents (1 pound) of the sodium chlorite powder, stir with a non-metallic spoon.

Step 3: Once all the powder is dissolved, cover and let it stand for several hours or overnight in a dark location.

Step 4: The solution will be transparent with a green shading. Some sediment will have fallen to the bottom of the container and/or a light film on the surface.

Step 5: Remove the surface film and slowly transfer the solution into a clean and preferably dark plastic container leaving the sediment behind.

Step 6: You now have 57 ounces of 28% sodium chlorite solution ready for future use. This is the equalivant of 14 of the normal 4 ounce MMS bottles. Refrigerate the capped bottle. If you have a few power outages over the next 40 years, the MMS solution will not be harmed or damaged. One person called saying they worried that the light in the refrigerator might harm the MMS. This is silly. Maybe they don't know that the light goes out when they close the refrigerator door. Besides, they should have stored the bulk MMS in a darkened jar. A tall bottle of prune juice would provide a darkened bottle after being properly cleaned out.

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MMS Nausea Can Be Reduced or Avoided Completely.

Article directed to people who might stop using MMS because they encountered nausea. Methods for avoiding nausea are explained.

Beginners guide to MMS.
Basic mixing guide.
Dosage progression.
What to expect..

Explanation of how MMS works and why it is so successful in removing toxins and germs from the body. Cannot harm normal living cells. Easy reading.

EPA -Environmental Protection Agency article praising chlorine dioxide as a germicidal and food-additive agent.

The EPA published a manual in April of 1999 called EPA Guidance Manual for Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants. Chapter four describes chlorine dioxide in glowing terms with alternating technical descriptions as well as industrial and household uses.


Benefits of bathing in MMS tub water. Article describes the formula and mixing suggestions..

A bath with 18 to 30 drops of activated MMS in the hot water causes pathogens in the skin or near the skin surface to be killed and float outward from the body. This has proven helpful in situations involving shingles, herpes, fungus, "Morgellons", skin rashes, ringworm, poison ivy, melanoma, and others. The internal use of MMS is continued during this process. Pathogens and debris float away without passing through the blood and liver - reducing nausea that sometimes occurs when internal MMS kills pathogens too rapidly. Hot water bathing allows ClO2 gas to be in contact with the entire skin surface. Splash or rub the water on lips, ears, hair, and under arms..

Three Natural Ways To Reduce or Stop Coughing.

After MMS kills flu and cold germs, you still face the mechanical problem of coughing up sticky phlegm or mucus. Three self-administered natural methods are described that liquify mucus enabling it to be wafted upward by the body with much less involuntary coughing.

How to Never Run Out of MMS

If you purchased Sodium Chlorite Powder you could store it indefinitely. Even 40 years later you could mix your own 4 ounce bottles with no further shipping costs and no worry about availability. This article lists one supplier and it provides mixing directions.

DMSO with MMS enables MMS to enter the body by rubbing it on large arm or leg muscles.

This is Jim's method for using DMSO and MMS in cancer situations. It is a mixing formula and method to use when applying MMS onto the skin. This method was developed by Dr. Kehr in Utah and is claimed to be useful for cancer patients who voluntarily want to remove cancers through alternate experimental methods.

Article by Jim Humble explaining how DMSO with MMS provides a way to push MMS into the body muscles.

The article verifies Jim Humble's appraisal of using DMSO as a carrier for MMS. This procedure can be used in situations where a person cannot swallow or where people are sick and throwing up for reasons of food poisoning or allergic reactions. MMS enters the body by rubbing it on large arm or leg.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MMS

Why should I take MMS? Why are there various protocols and a variety of instructions? What about side effects? Will it hurt me?

Jim Humble International Foundation - Press Release

The Jim Humble International Foundation supports Jim Humble's efforts to eradicate four diseases from various countries or nations. Eventually grants may be awarded to persons who can give 6 to 12 months time to receive training followed by personal distribution of MMS to cities and tribes where it can be used to save lives, prevent epidemics, purify water, and eliminate food-borne salmonella and other bacteria.

Is MMS Approved? What Authorities Approved the Use of Chlorine Dioxide?

Although Chlorine Dioxide has been used for 70 years as a water purifier, disinfectant, and food additive, people sometimes question whether it might be illegal in some way.
Has MMS been approved by someone somewhere?

Medical Research Related to MMS. A Summary.

Dr. Hesselink located 127 medical research articles related to removal of diseases based on chlorine dioxide carried in the blood stream. This article summarizes that bibliography and points the reader to original sources.

MMS-How Does It Work?.

When you drink a few drops of MMS in water, how does it get circulated through the body? A classification chart is included showing the germs, viruses, and fungus that MMS is able to attack and kill for removal from the body.

Jim's 2009 Swine Flu Article.

Jim Humble suggests use of MMS as a Flu deterent and also a survival method in the event that vaccinations are forced on people in various countries. Photos in this article show 500 people receiving demonstratios and training for dispersal of MMS in remote areas.


Below are some FAQ's about taking MMS or WPD (water purification drops) (from: www.thelovevitamin.com)


Question: The FDA issued a warning against MMS. Doesn’t that mean it’s dangerous?

The FDA’s (The Food and Drug Administration) warning about MMS was that it causes diarrhea and nausea, like I had already stated it does due to a detox reaction. However, it is still legal for people to sell MMS in the United States, and you can find it online no problem. I don’t have a clue whether it’s for sale in local health stores, but you could ask.

However, in Canada, (and I believe it’s the same thing in Australia), Health Canada (the FDA of Canada) has actually cracked down on the suppliers of MMS. A website called Subtle Energy Therapy based in Edmonton was the biggest supplier of MMS here in Canada, and Health Canada cracked down on them and forced them to cease sales of it.

Why?? Because they received ONE complaint about it and jumped on the opportunity to call MMS out. Apparently here in Canada, all supplements are now being regulated by Health Canada, and all supplements sold need to have something called a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Oh how convenient. Now Health Canada can have a free for all – any supplement they don’t like doesn’t get a DIN.

And why would Health Canada or the FDA not like a supplement? Would it be serious side effects? Deaths?

No – nothing like that! Not a single death from a nutritional supplement has been reported in the United States in the last two years. Funny that side effects and cross reactions of prescription pharmaceutical drugs contribute to more than 100,000 deaths each year in the US alone.

I believe the reasons Health Canada and the FDA aren’t so stoked on MMS are:

1) Because they’re in cahoots with the money hungry pharmaceutical companies. I believe they issue recommendations based on pressure and politics, not health.

2) The potential of MMS. If it’s really as amazing as reported, then big pharma is in troooubbble. Can you imagine? A simple treatment for all sorts of disease, provided by a common substance that costs less than 30 bucks a year?

Oooooh they are not gonna like that! And I have no doubt that they will do anything to make sure that the masses do not find out too much about this supposed miracle solution.

So anyway… MMS does have another function aside from kicking disease ass. And that is to purify water. So Subtle Energy Therapy and other suppliers in Canada can still sell it, but they can’t call it MMS or market it as a supplement. It is now simply labeled ‘Water Purification Drops’ with no real explanation. Yeah baby! We’re going underground!

I actually found it kind of exciting ordering it from them… like I was ‘in the know’ about what it really was. Screw you Health Canada!

Anyway, if you’re going to buy it, look for one that is sold in a “convenience pack” meaning that you get the MMS (sodium chlorite 28% solution) and the citric acid. The citric acid is what activates it and turns it into chlorine dioxide (the disease fighting substance). This is essential… otherwise it won’t work.

Note: you also want to look for citric acid that is in a 50% solution, or they call it a 1:1 ratio. The other standard is a 10% solution or 1:5, which means for every drop of MMS, you need to activate it with 5 drops of citric acid. It can get seriously redundant counting out tens of drops each time you take it, so it’s a lot easier to just go for the 1:1 solution and put one drop in for every drop of MMS.

Question: So how do you actually take MMS? What’s the procedure?

Well, I get a clean, dry cup [glass is best—do not use a metal cup with MMS-TPD], sit down at my table, and count out my drops of MMS into it (remember you are working your way up to 15 drops slowly. Don’t get excited and go too fast, or you’ll make yourself sick). Then I count out the corresponding drops of citric acid into the cup and swirl it around a little.

Then you wait three minutes. Apparently this is the magic number – it’s enough time to activate it, but if you let it sit longer than 3 minutes, the potency starts to dissipate. You may notice as it sits that it has a strong chlorine smell and you may see the chlorine dioxide gas wafting off the cup.

After three minutes, I pour half a glass of juice into it and drink it down. Or if you don’t want to drink much juice, just use a touch of juice to cover the taste, and the rest water. It’s good to drink a cup of water with it anyway, as it apparently staves off nausea.

Question: What else do I need to know about taking MMS?

1) You must take it on an empty stomach, otherwise all it will do is kill the pathogens in your food instead of being carried around to the rest of your body to do its work. Leave an hour or so on each side. I like to take it first thing when I wake up, and last thing before I go to bed.

2) You must not use juice that contains added Vitamin C, because for some reason, it almost completely renders the MMS useless. Not natural vitamin C, only added Vitamin C. Except for oranges… do not take orange juice with it, or eat oranges within a couple hours of taking it.

Almost all juice you buy at the store contains added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), so it can be hard to come by some that doesn’t. I’ve noticed pomegranate juice doesn’t, and there is a black cherry juice by K.W. Knudsen that doesn’t either.

3) In regards to the nausea and diarrhea, apparently it can happen quite suddenly. Like you take it, and you take it, and you add more in, and you’re fine, and then you go up a drop, and you feel perfectly fine – and then one day you up your dose, and you get really nauseous. Apparently it’s sneaky (I haven’t experienced it yet. I’m on 7 drops now, and maybe a very slight tinge of nausea in the stomach, but nothing really).

So if this happens to you, you need to go back down a drop or two and hold there for a few more days, and then go back up again and perhaps you’ll be more successful. Don’t take the nausea lightly! If you think it’s not that bad and then up your dose, you may get REALLY sick the next time and have to miss work or school. You basically want to be taking the dose just under the dose that makes you sick – you may think that being sick means you’re detoxing super fast and that you’ll get through it quickly, and therefore be well sooner…. but it actually just stresses the body and isn’t beneficial. Your elimination systems will work just fine without being sick!

Case in point: Someone commented on my last article about MMS and said she had known about it for a long time. She’s used it and it definitely worked great, but then she got up to 10 drops, got really sick, and now she can’t take it anymore because the smell of it brings back such horrible memories. Sort of like that time you got blind, puking drunk on Jack Daniels as a teenager, and now you can’t touch the stuff. GO SLOWLY!

Note: Taking a Vitamin C tablet or eating an orange can combat nausea if you do make a mistake and find yourself feeling really sick.

4) Don’t aim for 15 drops if you’re a small person. The general rule is 3 drops per 25 pounds of body weight. So I actually should be only getting up to like… 11 at the most. (because I weigh like 90 lbs!!)

Question: If this stuff kills all the bad bacteria, funguses, pathogens etc… does this stuff kill your good bacteria too?

Well, apparently it doesn’t. This is because (allegedly… again, I’m no scientist), things that are harmful to the body have a positive charge and an acidic PH, while normal cells and good bacteria have a negative charge and a neutral or alkaline PH. I guess MMS goes after the positively charged acidic stuff, and this is how it differentiates between good and bad when it does its work.

But then again, I don’t really know. I’m going to keep eating kefir and taking probiotics just to make sure!

Question: I started MMS and my acne is getting worse. What’s the deal?

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, your acne may get a bit worse before it gets better (as with all holistic detoxes). Acne is a way for physical and emotional toxins to come out when your other elimination channels are overloaded. With such an effective detox as this, it’s bound to cause your skin to break out in the beginning. I have no idea how bad for you specifically, so don’t ask me that.

However, any time I try to google MMS and acne, people seem to be talking about using it topically to treat it. So maybe if you take it internally and use it externally at the same time, it would offset any initial breakout. I’m going to have to test using it topically – I’ll get back to you on that one!

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14 Responses to “Q and A’s about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)”

  1. QAndrew says:

August 1, 2011 at 02:56

Thanks for your article, it was very informative. I already ordered some and looking forward to trying it out. I really appreciate you putting the time to write them.


    • QTracy says:

August 1, 2011 at 08:13

I had fun writing these ones, for sure! QGood luck with trying it! Please let me know how your experience goes!


  1. QAnnette says:

August 1, 2011 at 03:46

I love your reference to my experience with mms, being like a teens first drinking session with Jack Daniels lol…..it’s sooo true. You said in your post that your experiencing a little nausea now at 7 drops….I would recommend you stay at that dose maybe for a couple days and see how you go…and make sure you have some oranges or vit C nearby lol

How are you managing to take the mms? Is juice still hiding the taste & smell at 7 drops? Geez, I remember taking mms in water!! I thought it wasn’t too bad at first….I was used to taking gross tasting supplements, but this out did them all lol

Oh, the FDA stuff, yeah what a load of crap…I’m in Australia so yep I hear ya!! Q


    • QTracy says:

August 1, 2011 at 08:18

I was curious, Annette… how fast did you increase your dosage? I’ve been going really slow… like 3 full days of no nausea before going up a drop, and even longer now that I’m into the higher doses (on 8 now. Still no sign of any real nausea or diarrhea! yay…. although I have to admit, I don’t WANT to be sick, but like most people…. I’m kinda curious to know for sure it’s working. I won’t test it though, especially after what you said!!)

Oh yes, and I’m taking it with some pretty thick, strong tasting juice, so yes, a third to a half a cup of it is covering the taste quite well still! I find if you let the juice sit for a minute or two after you mix it, the chlorine gas isn’t right in the cup anymore when you put it to your face, so it’s not so bad. I did try drinking it with water for a time… it was okay for the first and second time, but after the third or fourth, I was like…. nope…. I can’t do it. Going back to the juice.


  1. QSampson says:

August 1, 2011 at 11:18

As with any regimen, it’s probably best to start slowly and work your way up at individual pace.

I think that’s why a lot of people fail with dieting or trying to clear their skin. They cut out EVERYTHING bad all at once and sometimes it’s better to test the water with your toe first to see how cold it is.


    • QTracy says:

August 1, 2011 at 18:36

Well put!


  1. QAnne Marie says:

August 2, 2011 at 08:27

Did you order MMS on line? If yes can you provide the website.


    • QTracy says:

August 3, 2011 at 21:39

Well… I did, in the article! This is what I ordered:

Mind you, it’s a canadian website, so if you aren’t in canada, you’re probably going to pay a lot of shipping fees. See if there is a website in your own country that you can get it from Q


      • QAnne Marie says:

August 4, 2011 at 05:54

I am in Canada!
Love your blog by the way! I am 46 with adult acne and rosacea so I am always looking for new, natural ways to help my condition. Still trying to wean myself off of minocycline, which I know is horrible to take for long periods. I am down to 50 mg per day and always take breaks of 7-10 days or until things start to get really bad again and I can’t stand it. I am hoping some of your advice will pay off.
thanks again.


        • QTracy says:

August 4, 2011 at 15:45

I hope so too Anne Marie! Good luck with everything and much love to you xoxo


  1. QRosie says:

August 3, 2011 at 12:17

hey, ive just started taking it, when will be the time to take supplements (vitamins& minerals) and can we take mms more than twice a day?


    • QTracy says:

August 3, 2011 at 21:53

I’d probably leave an hour or so on either side to take other supplements… but I actually don’t know exactly when the best times are! sorry!

Also, yes, you can take it more times per day… in fact, i’ve heard it’s more effective to take more smaller doses per day rather than the 2 large doses. A really effective protocol is apparently to take 3 drops every hour!!

Buuut…. that’s just waaay too inconvenient for me, so it’s not gonna happen over here.


  1. QSarah says:

August 6, 2011 at 00:53

Hey Tracey,
I tried to order MMS and for some reason it’s not showing up from the link you provided? They only have other products advertised on the site. Do you know anywhere else in Canada I could get this product that is authentic?


    • QTracy says:

August 6, 2011 at 15:49

Hi Sarah. The product on the website that they call ‘Water Purification Drops’ is the MMS… they are calling it that for the reasons I explained in this post!
This is what I ordered, the ‘convenience pack’. It is authentic MMS, don’t worry: https://www.subtleenergytherapy.com/xcart888/product.php?productid=16140&cat=253&page=1


Monday, August 2, 2010

MMS - Chlorine Dioxide - Water Purification Drops

MMS has a Long History of Use
For 80 years Stabilized Oxygen set on the shelves of holistic doctors and health food stores and held one of the biggest health ever discovered. Finally someone added some vinegar, and probably the most amazing immune system enhancement ever developed was invented

The inventor-- Jim Humble -- cured malaria, aids, hepatitis, herpes and dozens of other diseases in hours and days instead of weeks and years (maybe some diseases are never cured by pharmaceutical products.)

This is the story of the MMS discovery and the struggle to bring it to the world. You can help yourself and your family – just try it!

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The information presented in this website is based on research, individual experience, many studies, seminars, books, and internet publications.

This website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use or the discontinuance of any medication as a form of treatment without the advice of an attending physician. The intent of this website is only to offer information on the importance of drinking healthy life giving water for our natural well-being.

This website also reports on and seeks to help inform the public of the damaging effects of chronic long term dehydration to the body—from childhood to old age. It also reports on the many negative health symptoms associated with an unhealthy pH balance.

This website also attempts to inform the public about aggressive trends being promoted by Big Pharma to drug children and adults, for disorders, diseases, mental states of mind and various other occasions with the outcome of causing them to become life long consumers of toxic drugs.

Water2HEAL.US desire to warn its readers about the damages that can result. We hope to educate as many people as possible about the real root causes of their physical symptoms and how to seek all natural, non-toxic, safe and effective, alternative solutions to address their symptoms from a more wholistic approach. The website aims at teaching prevention and how to avoid disastrous health consequences in the future.

This website is not intended as a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician. On the contrary, we hope that every physician would become thoroughly trained and skilled in treating acidic conditions and dehydration issues with all natural remedies, non toxifying and non-acidifying treatments. We hope more and more physicians will take the high road, and not prescribe a drug when the health condition is clearly being caused by dehydration and/or acidification of the body. We ourselves have seen lifelong illnesses transformed by these simple principles, and "cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard."

Please note:  Application of any information or recommendations described herein are undertaken at the individual's own risk. Very sick persons with past history of major diseases and under professional supervision, particularly those with severe renal disease, should not make use of the information contained herein without the supervision of their attending physician.

We are not licensed health care professionals and are not qualified to medically diagnose or treat disease. We are allowed under the freedom of information act to share responsibly on an educational level the research and information that might just be helpful to you. But we cannot recommend any course of medical action for your individual situation.  

All recommendations and procedures herein contained are made without guarantee on the part of this website, or their agents, or employees, or volunteers. Water2HEAL.US disclaims all liability in connection with the use of the information presented herein.

Certain parts of this website are accessible only by becoming a member of OUR private community/club. This is for the express purpose of protecting our first amendment rights under the constitution. Many of our rights are rapidly evaporating concerning freedom of speech as it pertains to the health care profession. Due to many powerfully aligned political and financial self interest groups many natural, safe, and effective medical procedures have been unjustly outlawed by the FDA, under the express direction of the AMA (the most powerful teamsters union in the world). Many crimes have been committed against many law abiding, upstanding, and conscientious all natural vitamin & mineral based companies, treatments, doctors and their families. (See video below to get a small picture of what is happening all across our country). Many doctors, nurses, clinics, herbalists have been illegally intimidated, harassed and even imprisoned. They have had their homes and offices raided and have have their private & company equipment and food confiscated at gun point without legal warrants or due process of the law. Many top doctors and scientists, leaders in their field of expertise, have been forced to close their doors because they refused to practice procedures that their own consciences would not allow.


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