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Which blood sample below would you choose for your body?

(Hover mouse over picture to see which is more desireable)

Which Blood will serve you the best?

"The Life is in the Blood."   (Leviticus 17:10-14)

artery1The Good News... Alkaline water can help clean out acidic buildup in your arteries. Creating a clean and healthy alkaline system helps remove acidic waste in your blood, joints, muscles, and fatty tissues. It can reverse much of the damage done by an internally acidic climate. (Note: the body is alkaline by design, but acidic in function, which means most of your bodily funcitions create acidic wastes that need to be removed in order to keep the body healthy.)

A properly balanced alkaline blood pH promotes good healthy, oxygen rich, red blood cells that have a glow around them (like the cells on the left). That glow represents the oxygen being carried to all your vital organs, muscles, and every cell in your body. Creating an alkaline rich lifestyle is very healing to the body. It promotes an extremely effective and efficient immune system. This can reverse much of the damage caused by our environment and our acidic lifestyles. Having an Acidic System robs the body of vital minerals and nutrients. (See video below.) Most hormones and enzymes, white & red blood cells, etc., barely function in an acidic system. Remember, you create health by what you put into your body ... as well as what you do not put into your body.

You are what you drink.

At Water2HEAL.US,  we deal with the root cause of chronic sickness, and we offer a number of simple, proven, and extremely cost effective ways to reverse the harmful effects of an acidic and a chronically dehydrated body. Our water is extremely refreshing, revitalizing, and promotes a host of healing benefits you can safely enjoy for rest of your life, such as: antioxidants, hydroxyl ions, increased oxygen, smaller microcluster water particles, greater detoxification properties, lower surface tension, and more (these will be discussed below). We are in the progressive healing business for the long haul. We believe you should be too. It's a matter of LIFE ... quality and quantity. What could be more important?


The Bad News... Many red blooded Americans have blood samples like the one on the right. Good healthy red blood cells are designed to carry a much needed oxygen supply to all parts of the body especially the heart, brain, and other vital organs. When blood pH becomes acidic, the red blood cells begin to clump together in order to protect themselves from the acidic damaging environment (see video). This creates a negative health climate in the body where sickness, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other ailments can prosper. Viruses, mold, bacteria, fungi, yeast, acid crystals, cancer ... candida all thrive in low oxygen, high acid fluids.


Many people are unaware of how their lifestyle of Acidic Foods & Beverages, and excessive stress contribute to their negative health conditions. (Did you know even your emotions can cause you to be acidic?) Eventually, with no intervention plan in place, many health problems will appear and continue to degenerate over an entire lifetime. Current research is demonstrating that Blood Acidity is a primary factor in America's Top Twenty Ailments  (Diabetes  Cancer  Arthritis  Obesity  Migraines  Asthma Allergies  Heart Liver  Kidney even hangovers  and more). But these problems can be reversed--even Type 1 Diabetes (see Video--Dr.Young Reverses Type 1 Diabetes). back




Two videos demonstrate the positive impact
that alkaline beverages can have on an average person's body.

Acid is for Batteries,
Not for Healthy People.
An amazing window
into your health.

Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega Renowned Oncologist and Medical Researcher, (John Hopkins trained) presents a Clinical Study on Acidity in the Blood.

Ionized Antioxidant Rich Alkaline Water affects the blood much like Goji berries (which are amazing), but water is much cheaper, more abundant, and affects more than just blood alkalinity. It recharges the living cells in your body with negative ions, deep hydration, deep detoxification, and many other health benefits.


Dr. Robert O. Young (author of "The pH Miracle for Diabetes", and "The ph Miracle for Weight Loss" investigates Live blood analysis revealing many health problems including: yeast, fungus, mold, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, sugar intolerances, allergies, and more.

This video shows live fermentation of red blood cells (precursor to diabetes), acid crystals (precursor to arthritis, and gout), and other diabetic producing conditions, and other elements in unhealthy blood, which are a result of our American acidic beverages, food, & lifestyle choices.


Countless benefits can be predicted
for those willing to change their blood pH

Countless people   have experienced dramatic results ... in just a few days to just a few weeks* (more extreme cases may take longer: see Colon video & Eczema video).  As you may have read, many ailments have their roots in a toxic and acidic environment. And you may know that cancer, viruses, bacteria, arthritis, diabetes, all have a tough time surviving in a detoxified, healthy, oxygen rich, alkaline balanced, turbo charged immune system. We hope that you will use the following information to your fullest advantage for you, your family, your friends, co-workers, and even your enemies.**


Below is a Picture of Typical
Acidic Waste Buildup on
Walls of the Arteries

hardening arteries


*Please Note: In some cases, it may take several months, to even several years to correct long standing acidic and free radical damage done to the body. Some of us have spent multiple years loading up and storing heavy deposits of acidic waste throughout our bodies and we daily feel the pain and discomfort as a result. (See Dr. Shinya's Colon video below). Harmful acidic lifestyle choices can create a build up of hard acidic waste in the lining of the arteries (picture left), and in the fatty tissues (causing difficulty in losing weight), in our colons, and can leave painful excess lactic acid in the muscles, and uric acid buildup in the joints, even causing gout, eczema, and more.

As the body becomes more alkaline it gradually begins reducing the amount of acid deposits in the joints (relieving arthritis), in the blood and arteries (overcoming heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, etc.) and in the fatty tissue storage (reducing obesity conditions). An alkaline system stops needing to rob calcium from your bones and sodium from your stomach in order to maintain its pH equilibrium. This reduces osteoporosis conditions, and a number of digestive tract disorders. Can anyone say, "No more acid reflux." These are just a few of the benefits of alkalizing your body. back


  Example of an Acidic Colon

  Example of Gout

Example of Childhood Eczema


A 45 year old Japanese Breast Cancer Patient before and after Dr. Shinya's
Colon Treatment including 3 quarts of Ionized water a day. Dr. Shinya has performed over 300,000 colonoscopies
in his lifetime and is considered to be the leading Gastro-Enterologist in the World.
See Video Below



Painful Gout caused by an
excess of build up of uric acid in
the joints, can be relieved
using ionized water.
More on Gout Relief.




Japanese doctors use ionized water to
heal very hard to cure atopic dermatitis
(also known as eczema).
More on Eczema Relief.



Water ionization machines produce a medical grade water that is certified in Japan (having been approved for manufacturing in 1965) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan as medical equipment to produce medical substances. Alkaline ionized water (AIW) produced by this equipment is known to be effective against gastrointestinal fermentation, chronic diarrhea, indigestion and hyperchylia as well as for controlling gastric acid, and is used in many other medical protocols ... several of which will be discussed in more detail throughout our website.



  1. Two Types of Blood: Acidic & Alkaline
    You get to choose which one you want to create in your blood stream. The choice is entirely up to you, and you get to reap the benefits and the consequences of the blood you choose to promote.
  2. Three common acidic conditions  
    Examples of Colon, Gout, Eczema.  

  3. Eight Ways Acid Buildup Denigrates Your HealthKilling Your Body Slowly ... with your water and food.  

  4. Reports from Japanese Doctors & Hospitals
    Extremely smart, intuitive, up to date, and caring Japanese Doctors are consistently using the Effective & Practical Power of Water 2 Heal a variety of common and chronic diseases and ailments. (You can too!)

  5. Six Vital Water Demonstrations
    Enjoy the Immense Benefits of Ionized Water right in your own home. Experience firsthand the radical benefits of ionized water. (This is only the tip of the iceberg.)

  6. Get a Hospital in a Box
    Get a natural healing product cheaper than Bottled Water. Replace many cleaners, anti-bacterial wipes, sterilizers, wound care products, health food drinks, even create your own totally natural laundry detergent, beauty and skin care products (free as a by-product) ... and get something far better ... Progressive, continuous, safe, and effective gentle healing for your whole family.
  7. 24 Amazing Ways Ionized Water
    Can Save You Money?

    No more: laundry detergent, anti-bacterial soap/wipes/sprays, healing mouthwash, athlete's foot spray ...
  8. Be the Solution
    An encouragement to choose an alkaline lifestyle, and help others become better informed and educated about the role of water in health.
  9. A Radical Life Changing Tip
    Why choose an Alkaline Lifestyle? Even Your Thoughts & Feelings can make you acidic ... and make You sick or promote radical health and healing from this day forward. We get to choose to either get bitter or better. Scientifically proving the ancient proverb to be true: "A merry heart does good like a medicine."

  10. Cancer, Diabetes, Weightloss Vs. Alkaline Water
    You Decide the Winner ...

Just Getting Started Using Ionized Water? Here's some great suggestions

  • Drinking 3 to 4 liters a day can help balance blood pH, as well as, detoxify, cleanse, energize, and remineralize your body
  • Using Acidic water can balance skin pH, clean pores, reduce wrinkles, heal wounds, relieve rashes, bites, open sores, etc.
  • Washing Clothes (using no detergent)
  • Removes Pesticides from Fruits and Veggies
  • Kills germs on food, face, hands, toilet seats ... dishes, silverware, cutting boards (on contact)
  • Relieve Sunburn
  • Relieve Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac
  • Relieve Acne
  • Relieve Sore Throats (overnight)
  • Relieve Athlete's Foot
  • Remove Moles & Warts
  • Make a Healing Dental Mouthwash
  • Cure Gangrene ...
  • Remove Red Eye
  • Top Ten Benefits
  • And much more ...

Author's Favorite List of Healing Articles

Coming Soon

  • Gout
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
  • Pancreatic Cancer (Dr. William Kelly)
  • and more...


Eight Ways Acid Buildup
Denigrates Your Health

1) It leads to weight gain and diabetes.
Change Your Life

2) It accelerates free radical damage and premature aging.

3) It disrupts lipid and fatty acid metabolism.

4) It corrodes arteries, veins, and heart tissues.

5.) It alters [impairs] your energy metabolism and reserve.

6.) It slows the delivery of oxygen into the cell.

7.) It hinders athletic performance and recovery (due to lactic acid build up).

8.) It creates an environment in the body for cancer and other degenerative diseases to prosper.

References From: Dr. David Carpenter,
"Change Your Water,
Change Your Life"

The above video is remarkable. Former President Bill Clinton and 2 top published doctors are advocating diet over drugs and surgery to promote the body's own ability to heal itself. They advocate dealing with root systems rather than surface symptoms. This is a major welcomed reversal of modern medical philosophy and practice. 

Primary focus:  the patient's healing, not the industry's profit margin.

Dr. Ornish:

“Getting a quick fix like a bypass or a stent [chemo, statin, SSRI, etc.]  doesn’t treat the underlying cause.  It is a little like mopping up the floor around a sink without turning off the faucet… it keeps coming back unless you change what caused it”.

Interesting to note: although alkalinity and acidity are not mentioned, that is the essense of what is being done by the diet and lifestyle changes being made.   More

Below is a excellent Article on :

By Michael Lam, M.D., M.P.H., A.B.A.A.M. a specialist in Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is currently the Director of Medical Education at the Academy of Anti-Aging Research, U.S.A.

"Consistent with nutritionists, acidosis is the most important cause of almost all chronic diseases. This condition is predominantly due to our modern lifestyle and acidic diet. Let us examine first how acidosis causes degenerative chronic diseases in general so we can  ..."              More on this



Thank you for visiting Water2HEAL.US  Our Homepage is divided up into 12 sections.

This information will serve you well (if you put it to work for you). The Table of Contents helps to keep track of what you learn. If you do an excellent job in retaining this material, we'll offer you a discount (an added bonus) when and if you decide to purchase something from this web site. So learn well and be rewarded. Please contact us and find out what great things we have to offer you.

This webpage contains only the tip of the iceberg of several years of careful research and editing. If you have any questions please contact us at: Water2HEAL.info@gmail.com






Please Note: Ionized Alkaline Water (produced by a water ionizer) goes by several different names (e.g., ionized water, reduced water, restructured water, electrolytically reduced water, kangen water, active hydrogen water, hexagonal water, alkaline water--for drinking, and acid water--for topical use, and more). This can be confusing when quoting several different authorities. From this point on we will try to use the technical term "ionized water" (which will relate to both it's alkaline and acidic properties and benefits), except when quoting directly from another author or authority.

Check Out these Reports from

Japanese Healing


Dr. Shinya Creates
New Colons

It's been said that 90% of sickness and disease begins in a dirty and toxic colon.

Dr. Shinya developer of the colonoscopy (performed over 300,000 colonoscopies) prescribes 3 quarts (minimum) of strong alkaline water a day with every patient to heal the colon. He also strongly recommends an alkaline diet.

From the video you can see virtual like new colons being created in a matter of a few weeks to a few months. His results speak for themselves.

Simply Amazing Quotes
from this video:

"Ionized water works better than any medicine."

"No other medicines were used, only water alone" ... to heal extremely difficult wounds.

Doctors and nurses are taking the water home from the hospital. Doctors claim they were healed from diabetes and sclerosis of the liver by drinking the ionized alkaline water.

Only a very brave hospital staff would ever choose to cure patients with water alone. They could quickly put themselves out of business, because water is not a controlled substance.

Ionized Water
Prevents Amputation

Diabetics with gangrene had shown no signs of recovery despite several months of pharmaceutical treatment
in traditional hospitals.

Gangrene Patients were scheduled for amputation. Fortunately, when they discovered Kyowa hospital in Kobe, Japan. They saved their limbs within a month after they turned to drinking of ionized alkaline water and soaking in strong ionized acidic water.

These two types of water can easily be created in the home with a high quality 7 titanium plate (coated with platinum) water ionizer.



Want to Elimanate
Food Poisoning?








Ionized Water is Undeniably Extra-Ordinary
Six Worthy Demos

These 6 Demos illustrate the validity that
"Changing Your Water Can Indeed Change Your Life."


Which Water Heals
Your Acidic Condition?



Which Water Supplies more
Antioxidants than Orange Juice?

Many people think that addictive sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, processed cane sugar, Aspartame, Sorbitol, Splenda, etc.) are the real cause for alarm when drinking consumer beverages. And they would be right. But what many do not know is that the acid properties in their beverage may be as damaging or more so than the sweeteners.




The ORP (oxidation reduction potential) value of ionized water can not be over estimated especially when considering the life giving antioxidant benefits. If that were the only property this machine produces ... it would pay for itself a hundred times over.

How much Chlorine can you absorb?


Why does some Water more
deeply hydrate (and thereby more
deeply detoxify Your Body) than others?


No wonder our bodies have compromised immune systems due to high toxicity. Just Chlorine and Fluoride alone can wreak havoc on a healthy body.

Watch how food absorbs the chlorine you soak it in. Here's an experiment. Put your finger in a cup of water for 5 or 10 mins, Then try to find any chlorine in the water.


Scientists know about the value of "wetter water" ... water that permeates cell wall membranes twice as easy as conventional water. Now you can get "wetter water" from you water ionizer. Water that is ionized is half the size of conventional water and twice as bio-available*.

*This means that patients talking minerals or vitamins or prescriptions will need to reduce their doses due to greater penetration and absorption.



Water pH 11.5+ has invaluable
Cooking & Cleaning uses


Water pH 2.7- is the perfect
Sterilizer & Disinfectant

Clean your fresh fruits and vegetables with toxin neutralizing and deep cleansing strong alkaline pH Water (11.5 and above--only produced by high end ionizers). This demo proves the exceedingly valuable benefits of alkaline water in the kitchen, especially in the health food industry.


Acidic water alone (by itself) saved Japan's precious raw sea food industry by using non-toxic completely chemical free ionized water. It is able to kill agressive germ and micro-organisms on contact without harming the food value in the least.

More on Acid water to come



Pictures Tell the Story: how Ionized water uses antioxidants to protect your Fruit, Nails and the Cells of Your Body


Apples Rust


Nails Rust Nai


Fish Rust


Just as fish are only as healthy as the water they swim in,
So the cells in your body are only as healthy as the water they 'live' in

(Quoted from a TV interview with Dr. Robert O. Young)





Get Your Own Hospital in a Box

Believe it or not ... You can create the exact same water properties used in the Japanese Hospitals for you and your family, even your whole neighborhood ... for less than what you may spend on bottled water for yourself. (See Product Comparison Chart Below)

Want to get your very own Water Ionizer?

At Water2HEAL.US we recommend the Miracle MAX made by Chanson Water. In test trials it out performs other models in it's price range. It also has several features that make it our favorite.

It produces the highly praised and coveted strong acid water ... that is 3rd party tested to kill ... E-coli and Staph on contact. And not just one drip at a time like other brands ... but up to 1 liter per minute. Super acid water means being GERM FREE with no more chemicals, no more dangerous fumes, no more toxic warnings, no more health risks, and more known carcinogens in the home or at work.

The Miracle MAX also produces 2 to 3 liters a minute alkaline Miracle Drinking Water, the antioxidant rich, deeply penetrating, alkaline infused, delicious drinking water. You can actually taste the difference, it tastes lighter and wetter than ordinary water.

The Miracle Max achieves amazing low and high pH numbers better than any other machine in it's class. (The numbers below are verified by third party labs on normal municipal water in Laguna Hills, California.)

pH = 1.8 to 12.1

ORP = +1200 to -920

Our second choice is the Jupiter Athena, made by Emco Tech, and sold by Ion Ways. This is an excellent machine, with a number of different options with a great track record. Retail Price: $2,195


Another industry standard work horse is the Enagic SUPER SD501, an eleven plate machine which is especially noted for it's high volume output. Retail Price: $5,980.00


Each of the above 3 companies has done an excellent job of bringing water ionization technology to the United States, and each deserves an honorable mention. So why do we favor the the Miracle MAX machine?

Here are some specific details on why we feel the Miracle MAX, is currently our editors choice, providing the best product for the price:


The Miracle MAX utilizes the latest technology and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee :

Miracle MAX uses only 150 Watts Maximum Power:
After many years of scientific research and developmnent Chanson engineers found a machine using anything over 180 watts dramatically reduces the life of the plates, regardless of plate quality or coating methods. Therefore the Miracle MAX uses an advanced electronic delivery system that allows lower power usage which extends the life of the plates. The Max easily performs as well or better than ionizers using up to 600 watts and 11 plates! Lower power means less heat, and less heat means longer life to all components inside the ionizer, and the MAX can run all day long! Many water ionizers force you to shut them down after 10 to 20 minutes of usage because they begin to over heat.

Miracle MAX uses the new RAD self cleaning system,
adial Action De-calcification) is another breakthrough utilized on the M.A.X. The number one enemy of any ionizer is calcium build-up inside the plate cell. Many water ionizers will lose up to 30% performance in the first 3 months of use due to calcium buildup! The RAD self-clean system will become legendary for its superior performance, even in the hardest of waters.

Flow Rate: Super Acid water flow rate = up to a liter per minute! Alkaline water flow rate = 2-3 liters per minute.. This is a phenomenally high float rate! Which allow companies, and store fronts to market this water to their constituents, year after year...

Mineral ports: the Miracle Max can use an incredible Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt in their top loading port if desired when making acid water. It also has a mineral port if desired. [These water enhancement are not necessary, but they can easily and quickly enrich the end product and performance if desired.]

How does the Chanson Ionizer Compare?


Learning How to Use of Your Ionizer

(Great Advice...What level pH...for what purpose)

This is an invaluable demonstration. Ronnie Ruiz, the CEO of Chanson Water shares many insights and practical applications when using your water ionizer.

Installing Your Nano filter



Installing your G-3 Designer Faucet:

This eliminates cluttered hoses.

Why Does My Ionizer Need a Pre-Filter?


Ionizers do a great job of ionizing the water, but their little on board filters simply cannot do as good a job filtering out all the contaminants, like fluoride and other heavy metals, as well as other pathogens. Therefore, we highly recommend you pre filter your water. You don't want to make hazardous contaminants more bio-available to your cells. This is the main reason every water ionizer should have a high end pre-filter system.





To All Health Enthusiasts
and Young Entrepreneurs:

If you plan to provide ionized water for your whole family and neighborhood; your company, business partners, associates, or clients; or your whole church or athletic team ... this is the machine you definitely want to have. It will get the job done. It will work tirelessly for you day in and day out.

If you plan to pay for your machine by selling the strong acidic water for it's beauty or wound care purposes, or as a green antiseptic for the bathroom and kitchen, or you want to market it to local environmentally conscientious cleaning companies ... or if you plan to market the very strong alkaline water for cleaning vegetables and delicate fruits, and for various cooking purposes you definitely need the extra horse power the Miracle MAX provides.

The high end numbers (1.8 pH, 12.1 pH) are very hard to come by and tend to burn out lesser units. Take that advice from someone who has learned from personal experience. Please note: 1.8 pH is 1000 times more acidic than 4.8 pH. And likewise: 12.1 pH is 1000 times more alkaline * than 9.1 pH. Which means the machine needs to work 1000 times more strenuously to produce those higher than normal numbers.

*Every move on the pH scale by 1 whole number is multiplied by 10.

Please Consider ...
Four highly recommended accessories:

People who purchase this machine
also often purchase the following:

Every ionization company worth it's weight in salt will also highly recommend 3 other exceptionally important products to complete your ionization system package (and this company offers the fourth item a G-3 designer faucet as well) :

  1. A high end Pre filter System
        (to remove all contaminants)

  2. A high end shower filter
        (to remove chlorine from your shower/bath)

  3. An Ionizer Armor®
         (to protect your Ionizer from scale buildup)

  4. A high end G-3 Designer Faucet
           (to beautify & professionalize your Ionizer
            counter top installation)



Chanson C3

The C-3 Pre filter System: At Water2HEAL.us we highly recommend that all our users pre filter their tap/well water before ionization. One of the key factors in the ionization process is that whatever you drink with the ionized water will become much more highly bio-available to your cells. That is a proven fact. Fluoride is absolutely one thing you do not want to be highly bio-available to your cells (as well as a number of other contaminants). C-3, is necessary filtration. For extra high end filtration, check out the Nano Filtration System.

At the very minimum we absolutely recommend that you purchase a high end fluoride filter (click here for the real scoop on fluoride).

*FYI: every ionizer comes with it's own on board filter, but no matter how good any company claims their on board filter to be ... it simply is not sufficient to truly remove all the contaminates that radically affect the water quality, especially fluoride. Unless your filter specifically says it is designed to filter out all fluoride content, do not assume it will. (Because it won't.)




Chanson Shower Filter

The Shower Spa Filter: It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to invest in a high end, state of the art, water system (which removes virtually all chlorine from the water you drink), and then take a shower and absorb the equivalent of 8 glasses of chlorine through your skin in the process.

This unique filter turns your shower into an energizing ionizing spa. Check it out.






Ionizer Armor®


The Ionizer Armor®: The number 1 enemy of any water ionizer is scale buildup inside the plate cell. More specifically, scale buildup on the membranes that are between the plates.

When this occurs your ionizer cannot separate Acidic and Alkaline minerals properly and OPR and PH are reduced. Regardless of how well your ionizers self clean function works, scale or mineral build up will eventually overtake your plate cell, even if you have soft water!!

Beware of imitators and knock offs!

We tested various strengths (Gauss) and directional magnetic field products for over 3 years before choosing the current Ionizer Armor®'s strength level and field direction. Some of the strengths and direction combinations we tested actually caused more scale to buildup inside the machine, some created no results at all. When choosing this type of Product don’t settle for cheap knock offs, insist on the original and the highly field tested IONIZER ARMOR®.



G-2 faucet

The G-2 Designer Faucet:

The Chanson G-2 Counter top ionizer faucet is a perfect addition to almost any countertop ionizer. It eliminates several installation issues, like needing a faucet diverter (having excess awkward hoses connected to your faucet), and plumbing up hoses from beneath the counter. The G-2 Designer Faucet creates a clean and professional installation. It also works exceptionally well with the C-3, Ultimate, and/or Nano pre-filter systems.




How does a water ionizer
full package system
compare to bottled water?


Important Note #1a: The above price comparison is really not a fair comparison, whereas the bottled water is limited to only having the purchase power of 20 gallons a week, the water ionizer is easily able to produce over 200 gallons a week or even 200 a day. One machine can provide enough healing water for a whole restuarant, a football team, an enitre church or mid to large scale business organization, producing healthier employees, with less sick time, greater energy, stamina, and mental clarity, happier spirits and attitudes with greateer creativity, while using far less of the companies health insurance allocations.:


Important Note #1b: Please note that $660 a year breaks down to less that 2 dollars a day, and that monetary amount will cover your husband/wife, your boys and your girls, your aunts and your uncles, your cousins, and health your conscientious neighbors, and more. You can actually provide a health net benefit for your whole neighborhood community and if you charge just 50 cents to a dollar a gallon you will cover your expenses and then some in just a few short months in you have an extensive network to draw from.


Important Note #2: A high end water ionizer not only creates incredibly delicious and powerful healing antioxidant rich alkaline water for all your favorite beverages.It also produces several exceptionally unique Acidic Water Properties that make it invaluable around the home. 1) It will produce a skin tightening beauty water that is good for both wrinkles, and cleaning out pores, and healing your face and skin, even relieving Acne, and other skin anomalies. 2) It produces a powerful anti-bacterial solution, that is safe enough to spray in your eyes, and ears, and mouth, teeth, tongue and throat, and makes an excellent germ and odor killing mouth wash, that is perfectly safe even for infants, and yet it is strong enough to kill E-coli and Staph on contact. 3) It produces an excellent window cleaner. 4) It produces a anti-fungal anti-itch solution that can be used on athlete's foot and jock itch and more. 5) It can be used as a cleaner around the home and 6) a disinfectant that is exceptionally safe in the kitchen and bathroom, with no poisonous or normally toxic ingredients (only water, and sometimes some salt--for certain applications)..


Important Note #3: A high end water ionizer creates an incredibly alkaline clearner and stain remover, as well as a powerful pesticide remover from all your fresh veggies and fruits. It can also be used as a replacement for all your detergent needs in your washing machine.


Important Note #4: Distilled Water and RO Water (Reverse Osmosis) are not what is best for your blood and body pH.

Both Water Purification Processes strip the minerals out of your water and cause your body to become mineral
deficient and prone to sickness, and degenerative diseases unless the water is re-mineralized after purification.


Important Note #5: Also note that possibly the most beneficial property of ionized water is the - ORP (Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential). We will cover this in more detail else where, but by way of introduction: Every cell in your body losses energy as it loses negative ions and eventually the cell dies (similar to how an alkaline battery dies as it loses it's negtive charge). Therefore, water which can transfer negative ions can be exceptionaly beneficial to your body by recharging your cells. That is one way to justify calling ionized water, Living Water.


Important Note #6: It seems most everyone I meet is interested the benefits of alkaline ionized drinking water, but many need more economical alternative (than a machine that uses 7-platinum coated titanium plates, which are necessarily expensive). Thankfully, there is an economical alternative for alkaline drinking water.


Need a more economical option?





Special Purchase available @ $399.00


[This amazing machine
produces excellent 9.5 pH drinking water,
with superb ORP, and full of minerals.]



Be the Solution

In the Health Industry as in all of Life ... "We are Either part of the problem or part of the solution."

We commission you (as we have ourselves) to "Be the Solution."

We hope you will join us. Many people are suffering needlessly. You can help them. Many show a lack of knowledge about their true condition. They don't realize the end game cost of making highly acidic lifestyle choices. Many have no idea about the damage they are doing to their bodies and how to avoid it. Many have not had anyone clearly and concisely educate them on the subject ... how an acidic environment invites sickness and disease. That, by the way, is the primary objective of this website and company. (See Vision, and Goals ... also under the Home Button, on the navigation bar.)

diabetic boyMany people will suffer grievously, If they are not told about the healing potential that is created in an alkaline environment through lifestyle choices.

Turning your acidic pH into an alkaline pH promotes long term health.  We regularly meet people that say, "WOW! I really wish I'd met you sooner. I wouldn't have suffered needlessly for so long!" or "Wow, I  could have skipped my last $50,000 surgery! If only I'd known about this a little bit sooner." (How'd you like to avoid a hip replacement, knee replacement, prostate cancer, skin cancer, or pancreatic cancer operation?) Then getting serious about balancing your acidic condition could be a real life saver. And if it is good for you ... it could be good for others too.

"Do unto others ..." If you happen to have life giving information that others can benefit from ... then why not do to others what you would want them to do to you. Share it.

Adopting our progressive, continuous, lifelong healing approach could save you many hundreds, if not thousands, even tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary operations, chemo treatments, heart, blood, stomach, migraine, and arthritis medications, as well as untold doctor/hospital visits. Did you know the average cancer hospital bill is between $25,000 and $50,000? And the average, cancer survival rate for many types of cancer is less than five years after surgery and chemo? Did you know that the survival rate for those who get chemo and those who don't is about the same? (... but the quality of life is way different.) Did you know that many terminal cancer patients that were told there is nothing more Medically speaking that can be done for them ... are healed regularly through strict diet and natural treatments that are safe and effective, but not endorsed by the AMA? (This article will teach you how to sabotage a perfectly good cancer healing protocol.)

At Water2HEAL.US ... We commission you to share what you learn from this web site with others, and learn all that you can about this critical subject. Help your friends and family understand these basic laws of health and healing. Learn how you can use alkaline and acidic water to improve your health, and overcome your health challenges. And learn about other simple inexpensive, safe, and effective treatments as well.


Ionized water truly is the most effective and cost efficient proven way we know of to help the body fight the broadest range of diseases and ailments. Why? Because ... an acidic condition causes dysfunction in the body. Enzymes don't work properly ... Hormones don't work properly ... Oxygen does not work properly (does not get to the cells that need it) ... Sugar does not work properly ... Electricity (which runs your nerves & brain) does not work optimally. Your liver, kidneys, urinary tract, digestive tract, lungs, muscles, blood, mind, and heart ... basically every tissue and cell in your body, becomes dysfunctional at some level in an overly acidic environment. Acidity is a root cause of cancer and heart disease. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA. Heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the USA.


Even though your body is incredibly resilient ... and doesn't breakdown when eating one donut or drinking one diet soda .... in the long run when you break the principles of health and healing--they will in the end, break you. girl-drinking


My father is a classic example of the donut and coffee breakfast guy. He must have had incredibly good genes. At 60 he could out work most any 20 to 30 year old adult male. But once he got colon cancer, his body took a downward spiral. (He proved the saying true, "if the cancer doesn't get you, the chemo will."). He lost the quality of the last 20 years of his life. He was not the same man. So many people like my dad, are playing roulette with their body's pH balance. But all they might need is a little direction, a little information, and a little encouragement and they can turn the odds around to be in their favor.

Your health is not guarateed. But if you treat it right, it can run happily a long time. Your body is a living machine. Just like your car, if you don't give it what is needs to run a long and happy life, its days can be cut short. (Most likely will be cut short.) Imagine never changing your oil ... or its filter. Or trying to dilute your gasoline with a little water to save some money, and then expect optimal performance. But many try to do that with their body ... something they would not even consider doing with their car. An yet, the human body is an infinitely more valuable machine.

Ionized Alkaline Water could be one of the most important key ingredients in building your very own optimally healthy, disease resistant, anti-aging, healing body.

By effectively using this material ... You can help many people make lifestyles choices that can bring them hope and healing, and long term progressive and continuous health. Many people spend their hard earned income on resources and ingredients (and life endangering treatments) that bring them no long term benefits (i.e., chemo, statins, insulin, pain meds, psych meds, stomach, heart, kidney, blood, thyroid, liver meds--upon which they become life long dependents), and which no do not translate into life saving benefits.

We strongly hope that you will unlock the secrets to healing your body (the way it was designed to be healed) as you apply this information to your life. And when you do, please pass it on so that others might benefit from your experience.

We believe that ... You will never regret having done so.


Alkaline Water PBS (Part 1)


Alkaline Water PBS (Part 2)






Radical Life Tip

TurningYour Enemies into Friends is a very powerful way to boost your immune system.

Why is that? Because stress in your life is one of the main causes of acidity in the body. And ... Enemies cause stress. Many people have to deal with real "enemies" in their lives on a daily basis. When you turn an enemy into a friend you create joy and peace and release natural endorphins which strengthen your immune system. Interestingly enough, having constant "enemies" around you causes stress and can release acidic toxins connected to worry, fear, doubt, and insecurity which deplete your immune system.


"Do I not destroy my enemy, when I make him my friend?"

"A cheerful heart does good like a medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."
Proverbs 17:22

Imagine ... what better way to turn your enemy into a friend ... than to help him/her heal ... body, mind, and spirit? Strangely enough that process can begin by simply sharing a glass of life giving water. (Did you know that dry bones relates to your immune system? Where do you think white blood cells come from?) If you doubt any of this check out the link below:

"Living Healthy" is a Language Every Body Longs to Speak

Many people discover some of their best friends were formerly perceived or even real enemies who were won over by patience and loving words and actions. Our point is this, "It's ok to share life giving benefits with anyone, especially with those who are hurting." You just might have the exact word of hope and encouragement they need to turn their life around.



Cancer, Diabetes, Weightloss
Vs. Alkaline Water

You Decide the Winner ...


Using Alkaline Water to Defeat
Non-Hodgkin's T-cell Lymphoma Cancer


Dave Perkins was sent home to die with Stage 4, terminal cancer. He'd spent all he had on doctors, hospitals, and toxic treatments ... having his body hammered by chemotherapy and conventional cancer treatments. After putting himself on ionized water and some alternative low budget treatments he was able to overcome the cancer as the picture below shows. We regret to tell you that several years after his recovery from cancer he died from health complications (a heart attack) promoted by the cancer treatment. According to his family ... he was able to beat the cancer ... but not the chemo side effects.



Dave Perkins said, "In my search for low cost effective, ways to cure myself of Non-Hodgkin's T-cell Lymphoma and restore my health, I discovered (among other things)
the benefits of ionized alkaline water."

(Click Pic to read Dave's story)


Here's an excellent Cancer Resource: CancerTutor.com (You will be amazed at the depth and breath of many powerful, safe, cost efficient, and effective treatments available for cancer, that go far beyond the scope of radiation, chemo, and surgery. Many of the protocols cost next to nothing.)

Here's a story you must read. The US Federal government spend 14 years actively suppressing a cancer treatment that had a FAR greater success rate than any other treatment available, they also spent well over $60 million of US taxpayer dollars trying to put the inventor of the treatment in jail in order to steal his patents and either suppress or cash in on his discovery. Watch the Movie (for a limited time) .






Your Free Weight Loss Tip


So ... Your body is approximately 70% water* (from cradle to the grave you go from 80% to a possible 50%). Notice that getting older and aging is a sign of losing water content. If you weigh about 200 lbs (as I do) you carry about 140 lbs of water, in your muscles, tissues, skin, brain, and vital organs. Conversely, 99 out of every 100 molecules in your body aregirl-drinking made up of water. That's means your molecular structure is made up of 99% water (water molecules are much smaller than proteins). Some folks have the erroneous idea that if they drink less water they will lose weight, when the exact opposite is true in the long run.

As you lose acidity ... your body is able to detox and cleanse and losing weight becomes a more natural and healing adventure. For many people they misinterpret dehydration signals as hunger pains. Instead of filling up on delicious healing miracle water, they dive into cookies, candies, sweets and sugars. There are many other misinterpreted signals that will be addressed as the body begins to hydrate and healing.

You actually need high quality alkaline water to help you loose weight (more on that here) to help your body reduce excess acidity. Remember, your body stores excess acid in your fat cells. And those fat cells need to alkalinize in order to release their acidic fatty contents.

*Please note: Your body water percentage is a floating number. Depending on your fat to muscle ratio, your age, and overall health ... your water content could be from 50 to 80 percent water. When researching you will hear a number of different percentage rates ... which may seem discrediting ... but just realize that this is truly a floating number, and even top experts quote different ratios.

Basically, You need high quality water for absolutely every tissue, nerve, organ, and cell function in your body even your thinking and vision are impacted by the water you drink. Drinking the highest quality water you can get helps you to maintain optimum health, and weight, as well as, emotional and mental acuity.

Please Note: Highest Quality does not necessarily mean most expensive. In fact, many (actually most) bottled waters which can cost more than a gallon of gas, are acidic and are not healthy, nor can they help you reach your optimal health. (See Acidic Water Demonstration)

You need water for your nervous system to quicken your reflexes, and for clarity of thought. You need water for your respiratory, muscle, and cardio vascular systems to exercise hard and have quick recovery times. (High grade alkaline water flushes out the lactic acid build up that happens during strenuous workouts.) You need the highest quality alkaline ionized water to relieve headaches, joint pain, especially in the back, and to improve circulation, and to process sugar, which is key for diabetics and pre-diabetics. You need water to improve your skin tone, and reduce your wrinkles. And you need heavy luxuriant doses of rich antioxidant water to help fight the aging process. If you give your body what it wants in the way of the highest quality water you can get ... you just may become one of millions who have near miraculous recoveries from sickness, ailments, and even better, you may prevent them before the start.


We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future. We truly want to keep a record of your progressive healing story and would love to share that with others who are facing similar circumstances. Through HOPE and educated choices we can turn our health conditions completely around, and obtain our hearts desired absolute optimum health (body, mind, spirit). Like the all natural healing believer below.





Using Alkaline Water to Defeat
Melanoma Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Recovery


Click here for more on this






Doctor Cures Diabetes -

But Drug Companies Object

See More Videos on the Diabetes web page.




In Summary ...

Research has proven that a plethora of diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline state. Research has proven that  viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, Candida and Cancer cells thrive in a high acid and low oxygen environment.

An acid pH can result from an acid forming diet, emotional stress, and toxic overload (this often comes from toxic prescriptions, bottled water, acidic beverages, soaps, and the toxic toiletries we consume). In short, any immune reaction or any process that deprives the cells of oxygen and other nutrients helps create an acidic environment. (Review Blood Analysis Video above)

Your body will do all it can to try and compensate for your acidic lifestyle. It will rob Peter to pay Paul. It will rob minerals from important tissues. It will pillage sodium from the stomach and calcium from the bones. This is the cause of Osteoporosis and a number of other diseases. If there are not enough minerals in the diet to compensate, a build up of acids in the cells will occur, resulting in painful symptoms like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Diabetes ... and the list goes on. (source: Cancer_The_Acidosis_Link)



Two factors are ALWAYS present with Cancer (no matter what else may be present):


1.      Acidic pH

2.      Lack of Oxygen


In short ... Our bodies simply cannot optimally fight disease if our body pH is not properly balanced. In other words, it’s either "Alkalize or Die" says Dr. T. Baroody. It’s that important!

STOP ACIDOSIS and start your health recovery. Start bathing every cell in your body with the highest grade, antioxidant rich, ionized alkaline water you can find.

At Water2HEAL.US, we firmly believe that it is possible to reverse many negative health related symptoms by using simple and effective dietary and lifestyle choices. We highly recommend you begin with the water you drink. Just as a fish is only as healthy as the water he swims in, so are the cells in your body only as healthy as the water you choose to nourish, cleanse, and energize them in.

We thank you for taking the time to digest this information.

Below are more links we believe might encourage you on your journey towards optimal healing and healing.



What's Next?

If you have read this far ... it's been my experience that you are a genuine candidate for being a person who is definitely interested, ready and willing to do what it takes to "Change Your Water and Change Your Life."

If you will give me a call, I will do what I can to help make that happen for you.

You may be interested in a water machine for yourself, your family, your company, your church, your civic organization, your synagogue, gym, spa, salon, or home fellowship. Our goal is to get as many people as possible enjoying all the benefits of this water ... in the most affordable way possible. We are willing to work with individuals and groups who are interested involved at whatever level seems comfortable to them.

Please Call or Email me at your earliest convenience.


Thomas P. Devick, owner Water2HEAL.US

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This website also attempts to inform the public about aggressive trends being promoted by Big Pharma to drug children and adults, for disorders, diseases, mental states of mind and various other occasions with the outcome of causing them to become life long consumers of toxic drugs.

Water2HEAL.US desires to warn its readers about the damages that can result. We hope to educate as many people as possible about the real root causes of their physical symptoms and how to seek all natural, non-toxic, safe and effective, alternative solutions to their symptoms from a more wholistic approach. Our website aims at teaching prevention and how to avoid disastrous health consequences in the future.

This website is not intended as a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician. On the contrary, we hope that every physician would become thoroughly trained and skilled in treating acidic conditions and dehydration issues with all natural remedies, instead of using very toxifying and highly-acidifying treatments that can ascerbate the orginial problem and even prolong it for many years. We hope more and more physicians will take the high road, and not prescribe a drug when the health condition is clearly being caused by dehydration and/or acidification of the body. We ourselves have seen doctors eliminate lifelong illnesses (and even life threatening diseases) by these using simple principles ... and it is very exciting to know these alternatives do exist and are very effective, safe, and exceptionally inexpensive.  And ... we just "can't stop talking about what we have seen and heard."


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And yet they have not threatened any one's life, not cheated on their taxes, not lied about the lethal side effects of vaccinations, not forced monopolies, not illegally gotten dangerous drugs approved by falsifying studies, not killed a single person through dangerous toxic medical prescriptions that create horrible side effects that are known and proven to promote suicide and death. They have not sued or nor politically sabotaged other safe and effective healing protocols, that work better, and are far cheaper, more longlasting and with no side effects. And yet these safe and effective natural healing focused companies have had to put up sometimes several millions of dollars in court to prove their effectiveness, while their medically dangerous and lethal counter parts continue to use protocols and that yearly kill over 100,000 people a year. (Reported by the JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association).

Unfortunately,many top doctors, scientists, and professional health care leaders in their field of expertise, have been forced to close their doors because they refused to practice procedures that their own consciences would not allow. (See How to Sabotage a Incredibly Successful, Safe and Effective Cancer Healing Protocol. See the Quack Who Cured Cancer. See Gangster in Medicine. See Statistically, The 2nd Leading Cause of Death in the United States.)

We hope that these things will not deter you from your desire to heal your body using all natural, safe, effective, gentle, and healing treatments that do not poison or cut out vital organs that are a vital part of your immune system (e.g., your tonsuls, your appendix, etc.) Just because we can do something ... doesn't mean we should. And ignorance of (or lack of attention to) how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices can prevent most surgeries and medications is not good medical practice.

Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, is popularly known today for his famous oath, "First, do no harm." And second his famous quote, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

We strongluy advocate that all medical professionals dealing with chronic sickness and ailments should take more seriously the admonitions of Hippocrates and the original Hippocratic Oath, from which their took a sworn oath to uphold.


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